Ocean City Family Fun

Before your trip, we will map out each experience that includes as many activities as time permits. When it comes to entertainment for the little ones, Ocean City family fun is the name of the game! Captain Robert Anderson is a US Coast Guard-licensed charter captain and does not skip a beat when it comes to your family’s safety. Prepare for a great time with plenty of opportunities to “Toy Around”!


14 Ways to “Just Have Fun” on a Private Charter

in Ocean City, Maryland

1. Photoshoot by Boat Capture life’s special moments with our unique “Photoshoot by Boat” experience. Whether it’s a family portrait, engagement photos, or just memorable snapshots, the scenic backdrops of Ocean City’s waters provide the perfect setting. Our boat offers a stable platform for your photography needs, ensuring safety and comfort as you click away.

2. Charts and Channels Navigate Ocean City’s waters like a pro with our “Charts and Channels” tour. This educational trip is perfect for new boaters or anyone looking to learn more about maritime navigation. Safety is paramount, and Captain Robert Anderson shares his wealth of knowledge, ensuring a secure and insightful experience.

3. Marina Tour Explore Ocean City’s bustling marinas with our exclusive “Marina Tour.” It’s a chance to see luxurious yachts and busy fishing boats up close. We prioritize your safety as you enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at Ocean City’s maritime culture.

4. SUP Islands Adventure awaits with our “SUP Islands” excursion. We transport you and your stand-up paddleboards to hidden gems behind Assateague Island. Discover secluded spots safely under our expert guidance.

5. Ocean City Diner Cruise Indulge in the “Ocean City Diner Cruise,” where you can enjoy a delightful meal at Fishtales before embarking on a serene cruise. Our focus on safety ensures a relaxing and worry-free dining and cruising experience.

6. Bayside Real Estate Tour Explore potential waterfront properties with our “Bayside Real Estate Tour.” A safe and comfortable boat ride provides a unique perspective on Ocean City’s real estate, perfect for prospective buyers or daydreamers alike.

7. Assateague Island Bird Watching Our “Assateague Island Bird Watching” tour is a birder’s paradise. Experience the thrill of spotting diverse bird species in their natural habitat, all while ensuring your safety on the water.

8. Assateague Island Eco Tour Embark on the “Assateague Island Eco Tour” to explore the rich biodiversity of the region. This safe, guided tour is an educational journey through the island’s unique ecosystems.

9. Nature Photoshoot Capture the beauty of Ocean City’s natural landscapes with our “Nature Photoshoot.” We provide a secure platform for you to photograph wildlife and scenic views, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

10. Ocean City Dolphin Search Join us on an exciting “Ocean City Dolphin Search.” Spot these playful creatures in their natural environment, with our commitment to safety making it a worry-free and memorable adventure.

11. Ocean City Sandbar Shuttle Our “Ocean City Sandbar Shuttle” takes you to the popular sandbars for a day of fun in the sun. We ensure a safe trip to and from these sandy havens, allowing you to relax and enjoy the pristine beaches.

12. Kick Back on Pony Beach Experience the tranquility of “Pony Beach” at Assateague Island. Our safe and comfortable boat trip offers an idyllic escape, perfect for those looking to unwind in a picturesque setting.

13. Family Fun Bay Fishing Enjoy a day of “Family Fun Bay Fishing” with us. It’s an accessible and safe way for the whole family to enjoy fishing, with all equipment provided for a hassle-free experience.

14. Ocean City Clamming Get your hands dirty with our “Ocean City Clamming” adventure. We provide a safe and fun environment for you to dig for clams, making it a perfect outing for families and groups.