Charts and Channels

Learn the waterways and channels of Ocean City, Maryland

The “Just A Toy” guide service offers an intriguing “Just For Fun” service known as “Charts and Channels,” tailored for those either new to boating or new to the waters around Ocean City, Maryland. This unique offering is far more than just a leisurely cruise; it’s an educational journey through the complex channels of the bay, guided by the experienced and knowledgeable Captain Robert Anderson. This service is an excellent opportunity for novice boaters or those unfamiliar with the local waterways to gain valuable insights and hands-on experience. While you navigate the back bays and inlet of Ocean City, Captain Anderson shares his extensive knowledge of the area, providing a practical and engaging crash course in maritime navigation.

During the “Charts and Channels” excursion, participants will learn essential boating skills and local waterway knowledge. Captain Anderson focuses on how to safely navigate the bay, pointing out areas to avoid and revealing some of the best fishing spots. This experience is particularly beneficial for those looking to understand the intricacies of local boating, including how to access various marinas and adhere to the rules of the water. It’s not just about following a map; it’s about interpreting the water’s language, understanding the tides, currents, and recognizing the signs that dictate safe and effective boating practices.

Moreover, this service delves into the technical aspects of boating, such as the basic functions of sonar and GPS. These tools are crucial for safe navigation and effective fishing, and learning to use them under the guidance of a seasoned captain is invaluable. Whether you’re a budding boater or a seasoned sailor new to Ocean City, the “Charts and Channels” service offers a unique blend of practical learning and enjoyable exploration. It’s an opportunity to enhance your boating skills while enjoying the beautiful scenery and calm waters of the back bays, making it a perfect blend of education and relaxation aboard the rugged, yet welcoming, “Just A Toy.”