Ocean City Sandbar Shuttle

Hoopers Sand Bar Shuttle – Ocean City, Maryland

Embark on a Unique Journey to Ocean City’s Coveted Sandbar: Discover the allure of Ocean City, Maryland, from a new perspective with our exclusive “Sandbar Shuttle” service, provided by “Just A Toy” guide service. This unique “Just For Fun” option offers you and your group the chance to experience one of Ocean City’s most cherished aquatic destinations – the Sandbar. Tucked away on the southwest side of the bay and visible from the Rt. 50 bridge, the Sandbar is a popular yet somewhat hidden gem among locals and boating enthusiasts. Our service takes you directly to this sought-after spot, providing a rare opportunity to enjoy Ocean City’s beauty away from the crowded beaches. It’s a perfect getaway for families and groups seeking a different kind of beach experience.

Make the Most of Your Sandbar Adventure: “Just A Toy” serves as your floating base for the day, offering a convenient and comfortable spot to bring along food and drinks for your outing. As you spend time on the Sandbar, enjoy the freedom of having a personal shuttle at your disposal. Whether you’re lounging on the sand, playing in the shallow waters, or simply relaxing with friends and family, our service ensures a hassle-free and safe experience. For those planning a larger group outing focused solely on enjoying the Sandbar, we can tailor the charter to serve as a dedicated shuttle throughout your booked hours. Our goal is to ensure a fun, memorable, and safe experience for everyone, without the worries of navigation or safety.

A Sandbar Experience: Adding to the charm of this adventure, the Sandbar, sometimes referred to as Hoopers Sand Bar, offers an extra touch of convenience and luxury. Hoopers provides food delivery right to the Sandbar via jet ski, allowing you to indulge in delicious meals without ever having to leave the water. This service perfectly complements your day out, combining the joys of a beach picnic with the excitement of a boat trip. With “Just A Toy” guide service, your trip to the Sandbar isn’t just a visit to a beach destination; it’s an immersive experience in Ocean City’s unique water culture, filled with relaxation, fun, and the convenience of modern amenities, all set against the backdrop of Maryland’s picturesque coastal scenery.