Ocean City Diner Cruise

After Dinner Delight

The “Just A Toy” guide service provides a delightful “Just For Fun” option with its Dinner Cruise, an ideal choice for those looking to combine a savory dining experience with the serene beauty of an Ocean City evening. This shorter cruise option is perfect for unwinding after a delicious meal at Fishtales, a charming and casual dining spot renowned for its welcoming atmosphere and stunning bay views. Located on 21st Street and nestled within Bahia Marina, right where “Just A Toy” is docked, Fishtales has evolved from a local secret to a widely acclaimed destination. Here, families and friends can savor a variety of mouth-watering dishes, setting the stage for the relaxing cruise that follows. Whether you’re indulging in fresh seafood or enjoying a cocktail, the experience at Fishtales is a perfect precursor to the tranquility of the water.

After dining, guests are invited to embark on a leisurely cruise aboard the rugged “Just A Toy,” where they can continue to enjoy their evening with a cocktail in hand or bring their own beverages for the journey. This cruise is an excellent way to digest and relax, as the boat glides smoothly through the calm waters of the bay. As the sun begins to set, the cruise takes on a magical quality, with the changing colors of the sky reflecting off the water, creating a mesmerizing backdrop. This is a moment to sit back, relax, and soak in the natural beauty of Ocean City, all while enjoying the gentle motion of the boat and the cool, evening breeze.

The Dinner Cruise not only offers a scenic tour around the bay but also ventures into the ocean, providing a different perspective of Ocean City’s coastline. This unique combination of a delightful dining experience at Fishtales followed by a serene cruise makes for an unforgettable evening. It’s an opportunity to see the city from a new angle, feel the ocean’s vastness, and appreciate the peacefulness that comes with being on the water. For those looking for a relaxing and scenic way to end their day, the Dinner Cruise aboard “Just A Toy” is an excellent choice, promising a blend of culinary delight and nautical adventure.