Ocean City Fishing Charters

Just A Toy Guide Service offers several types of fishing trips both inshore and offshore. Our most popular trips take angles to the wrecks beyond the inlet and several miles into the Atlantic. The wrecks have an abundance of life and are the best bet to catch and keep. These trips are offered throughout the year and are dependent on the season as to what you will target. For the majority of our wreck fishing trips, you will be targeting black sea bass and flounder. Another target fish for the wrecks off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland are tautog. They are a delicacy and the captain knows where to find them when they are here. Angles can expect to catch several other species while fishing the wrecks such as triggerfish, dogfish, bluefish, sea robin, and more. While on the water we keep our eyes open and rigs ready for the occasional cobia and red drum. 

During limited times of the year, Captain Robert will set up the troll for trophy-sized striped bass and large bluefish. This is normally later in the fall. When its hot it’s hot, when it’s not it’s not! Recently this past 2023 season bluefin tuna have come oddly close to shore in the 2-15 mile range. When this happens, book your trip ASAP and be one of the few to land a giant bluefin right off the coast!


On our angler bay trips, many times find themselves fishing around the Rt. 50 bridge for rockfish. The state has put many restrictions on these fish and keepers must be in the slot. Fishing the bridge and inlet is sometimes your best chance of catching a keeper. Casting on a bay trip is not only for striped bass. Red drum, black drum, speckled trout, and bluefish are all in the mix. 

Although we recommend an offshore wreck fishing trip for the more serious anglers we also drift and bottom fish the bay. These trips are great when the weather forces us inshore. They are an incredible way to spend the day relaxing on the bay while sightseeing. Many times families will choose a bay fishing charter and combine longer ones with some “Just For Fun” activities like clamming and touring the shore. 

If you are more interested in cruising, relaxing and enjoying what the bay has to offer, check out some of our “Just For Fun Charters”