Ocean City, Maryland Charter Boat

Experience the Best of Ocean City’s Waters: Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Just A Toy Guide Service, your gateway to the vibrant waters of Ocean City, Maryland. Our charter, captained by the seasoned and passionate Capt. Robert Anderson, is not just a fishing boat; it’s a vessel for exploration and excitement. Whether you’re weaving through the scenic back bays of Ocean City or venturing offshore for wreck and trolling trips, our charter promises an experience tailored to your interests. With a boat equipped with ample horsepower, we guarantee swift and smooth access to the most idyllic fishing and sightseeing spots.

Fully Equipped for All Anglers: Just A Toy Guide Service caters to everyone, from families looking for fun on the water to experienced anglers in pursuit of their next big catch. We pride ourselves on creating a family-friendly atmosphere, ensuring that every trip is enjoyable and memorable. Our boat is versatile, ready to take you on various aquatic adventures – whether it’s fishing the wrecks, casting for rockfish, or simply enjoying a leisurely day on Ocean City’s beautiful waters. We provide all the necessary bait and gear, so you can focus on the thrill of fishing without any hassle.


Ocean City, Fishing Charters

Your Premier Fishing Destination

When you choose Just A Toy Guide Service for your Ocean City fishing trip, you’re opting for quality, excitement, and a personalized experience. Capt. Robert Anderson treats every guest’s day on the water with the utmost care, as if it were his own. All legally caught fish are yours to take home, so make sure you plan to keep your filets fresh on your journey back. Throughout the year, our waters are teeming with a variety of species, including Striped Bass, Seatrout, Tautog, Weakfish, Sheepshead, Flounder, and Black Seabass, among others. Capt. Robert eagerly anticipates welcoming you at the dock. Secure your spot with Just A Toy Guide Service today by making a deposit and get ready for an extraordinary Ocean City adventure!

Charter Fishing Information

Charter fishing trips out of Ocean City, Maryland on “Just A Toy”  Guide Service focus on the time of year, weather, and what your group would like to target. Our wreck fishing trips are the most popular fishing trips. Take some time to read about different types of fishing in and around Ocean City. From 3-hour bay trips to all-day offshore wreck trips, we do our best to get you “Hooked”!

Bay Trips

Fishing on the inland waterways and inlet of Ocean City, Maryland


Nearshore Wreck Fishing

Atlantic Ocean deep sea fishing.

Flounder – Seabass – Taug – Trigger – Drum


Nearshore Trolling


Striped Bass – Bluefish


The Fishing Machine

The “Just A Toy” is a prime example of an Ocean City fishing vessel that combines functionality with plenty of room. Specifically designed to tackle the challenging waters of the bay and offshore wreaks. This 30’ Century center console boat, fully restored in 2018, is built tough, providing a stable and secure platform for anglers. Its capacity to comfortably accommodate up to four anglers at once makes it an ideal choice for both group fishing expeditions and intimate angling sessions. The boat’s adept design also lends itself well to wreck fishing several miles offshore, where its robustness and handling capabilities are put to excellent use. The spacious deck and thoughtful layout ensure that every angler has ample room to cast and maneuver, enhancing the overall fishing experience.

“Just A Toy” is not only about performance; it also focuses on the comfort and convenience of its guests. It is equipped with a small private toilet, an essential amenity for longer trips, ensuring a comfortable experience for all on board. Anglers will also appreciate the inclusion of coolers to keep their catch fresh and drinks chilled. Furthermore, the boat is outfitted with all the necessary fishing gear, including a variety of rods, reels, and tackle, suited for various fishing techniques and target species. This comprehensive provision means that anglers can arrive with just their enthusiasm and leave the rest to the capable hands of the crew. The twin 250 HP Mercury Verado engines guarantee a swift and smooth journey to the best fishing spots, while the top-notch safety and navigational gear provide peace of mind, allowing anglers to focus on the thrill of the catch.